Medical Credentialing is an essential part of the bill-ing process. It’s imperative that a company is properly credentialed prior to any billing of claims. Failing to manage the credentialing and contracting process has proven to result in a significant loss of revenue.

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We help you in:

  1. Adding or removing a provider
  2. Insurance payor applications
  3. Medicaid re-enrollment
  4. Hospital privileges
  5. Contact status research
  6. Medical credentialing Maintenance and much more.

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Medical Credentialing & Medical Billing Services in Tampa, West Palm Beach and Florida

It was only a couple decades ago that healthcare professionals considered medical credentialing services in Tampa, West Palm Beach & Florida—that is, the process of getting enrolled in an insurance company’s preferred provider network—to be an optional step in building their medical practices, or an unnecessary step to growing their client/patient caseloads.

Global Billing Solutions, Inc. provide medical credentialing servies in Tampa, West Palm Beach and Florida to help them expand their insurance plan acceptance by working with them on their insurance credentialing needs. Outsourcing your medical credentialing services and medical billing to Global Billing Solutions saves medical and healthcare practices valuable time and resources. Our medical credentialing service exists to take the hassle out of getting “in network” with insurance panels.