Consulting Services

Consulting Services

• Revenue Cycle Management: Help contain costs within your health care organization, all while accelerating performance, with medical revenue cycle management solutions from Global Billing Solutions FL serving in FL, Tampa and West Palm Beach. 

Global Biling Solutions FL’s medical revenue cycle management (RCM) services take a different approach — proactively pursuing every penny owed and streamlining clinical, operational and financial processes for optimal financial performance. It’s time to stop reacting and get proactive. 

After services are delivered Global Biling Solutions FL's medical care revenue cycle solutions maximize revenue capture and streamline the billing and collection process with electronic claim processing, direct entry of Medical billing claims Florida, medical accounts receivable, remittance posting, document image retrieval, contract and denial management, and financial analysis in Tampa, FL and West Palm Beach, Florida. 

• Practice Management

• Transition from Outsourced Billing Services: 

Outsourced medical billing services: the key to accelerating financial growth. 

As a leading provider of statement processing and billing outsource services, we offer complete flexibility of document output options (print and mail, email, fax, or online presentment). Keep your current format, or let us completely customize your form. We'll have your program live in record time. Improve your cash flow quickly and easily, without new software. By getting your documents into the mail stream faster and maximizing postal discounts, you can immediately improve your bottom line. 

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• Medical Revenue Clycle Solutions:

Medical Revenue Cycle Solutions is a healthcare consulting firm which specializes in medical revenue cycle solutions, interim patient account management services and customized revenue related projects. Hospitals, medical practices and healthcare centers can benefit from cost effective solutions to billing and revenue collection problems. Global Biling Solutions FL is now one of the fastest growing medical billing companies in the Tampa, FL and West Palm Beach, Florida.